African fashion is more than a trend and is here to stay. It has gone from mere traditional clothing to walking on some of the most famous runways in the world. African fashion is interesting! It includes an array of bold statement colours, prints and patterns this gives you the option to either make your whole outfit bright, bold and beautiful or just choose a statement piece to incorporate into your look to add a new element of interest to that black blouse.

There are so many things to make you more enthusiastic and eager about African fashion. Here are 6 of our favourites to get your blood pumping:

1. THIS FASHION GOES WAY BACK! The history of African fashion dates as far back as 200,000 years ago when in response to a cold snap in Africa forced people to make clothes from leather and fur. Overtime this material was changed to bark cloth. Strips of bark cloth would be peeled off a tree and beaten with a rock until it had softened enough to wear and was attached together to form shawls, shirts, trousers and headbands. It is quite amazing to think how this era was trying to make do with what was available had led to an era where dorning African fashion makes you look fashion forward and elegant.

2. YOU CAN EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH IT. Do you know that African fashion is more than just a fashion statement? It is a form of self expression and a sense of pride in one's identify. Designers don't just make this clothes for appearance sakes as there is a story, meaning or purpose attached to each cloth. It can symbolise status, creativity and celebration of a rich cultural heritage for the African people.

3. IT HAS A TEXTILE INDUSTRY. You can't talk about African fashion without talking about the African textile industry. The African textile that is known as kitenge in East Africa and Ankara in West Africa was first produced in Indonesia in 1846 by Dutch entrepreneur Pieter Fenter Van Vlissingen.

4. THIS FASHION HAS GONE GLOBAL. African fashion has risen to the global stage in the fashion industry thanks to African fashion designers like Tiffany Amber, orange culture, Lanre Da Silva to mention a few who have taken the traditional African clothings and remoulded it into global worthy fashion. Deola Sageo is also a highly respected African fashion designer who has participated in major fashion shows along side Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. She is also the first black woman to present a collection at the Alta Roma, Rome's celebrated fashion week.

5. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH IT. African fashion is versatile! How exciting is that? It is actually very exciting because you get to own an outfit(or outfits) than can go anywhere or fit any occasion. It's like the brushes given to you to paint your style. Whether you are dressing for a day at the office, a night out on the town, or a special event African fashion's got you covered. The printed fabric helps you get creative and make many things from it such as hats, earrings, blazers and shoes.

6. IT HAS NO COPYRIGHT. Since the origin of the Ankara fabric which is most popular in West Africa is complicated and has undergone several cultural transformation, no country or producer has emerged to claim a copyright. No wonder it has gone round the world.

We hope you were as excited as us on this journey, exploring the African fashion with us on this blog.


Happy Reading