Comprised of 47 countries and six island nations, Africa is the world's second largest continent with a population of over one billion. So planning to spend your holidays in an African nation can be intimidating  and hectic for the average traveller especially if your are travelling from the Western world. How hot will the weather be? What vaccination regime to take? The appropriate anti pesticides/insecticides and of course what outfits to pack. So you're on the right blog if you're looking for the perfect African holiday wardrobe ideas.

So the prevailing weather conditions in Africa will clearly have a large influence on your choice of outfits and honestly you don't have to look like a tourist in khaki all the time during your visit. You can still slay in some casual and comfortable African Holiday wardrobe basics which are made using Ankara prints. Ankara is not only a breathable fabric (because generally speaking the weather in most of the countries in Africa is warm and sunny) but it also helps you blend into the environment. 

Follow these simple African holiday wardrobe ideas to beat the heat and avoid common clothing faux pas.
When it comes to packing your African holiday wardrobe keep in mind that most African nations can be quite conservative in the way they dress, for this reason your pants or trousers should be longer or stop at the knee level.
This would also protect you from mosquitoes and also allow you much freedom of movement.
This is that nice clean and fashionable outfit in your African holiday wardrobe that is ready to be pulled out of your bag at short notice such as when you have to show up at a restaurant, bar or someone's house.
You don't want to look overly casual as most people in Africa take pride in their dressing. 
To beat the heat go for a flare Ankara blouse. Avoid spaghetti straps and tank tops to prevent sunburn or simply wear a Sun hat if you prefer strapless outfits.
The Ankara flare blouse is such a great option because it protects you from heat and covers you properly against sunburn.
It is also a  modest  choice of clothing depending on the part of Africa you go to. You can pair this with different pants or jeans. Some people may go against wearing jeans in Africa because of the warm weather but I believe that jeans are not a bad idea as long as it is soft, light and breathable. 
4. Head wrap
If the part of Africa you are planning to go to is an Islamic republic , it is smart to include a head wrap into your African holiday wardrobe
as women are known to cover their heads in Islamic countries of Africa. This might also win you favour with the people. 
You definitely need a stylish bag while on holiday to keep all your important stuff while out and about site seeing. Our Round Rattan Shoulder bags are so functional and stylish which makes them a great choice for your African holiday wardrobe.
Put everything away and secure and have fun exploring the nature of Africa.
6. A Kimono jacket
Africa is a continent that is hugely diverse with climatic differences that many struggle to understand like freezing nights to blazing sun during the day. For this reason, include a warm jacket into your African holiday wardrobe to keep you warm on cold nights . 
Don't forget to bring a pair of sunglasses along for the blazing midday sun and sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and burn free. 
Enjoy your holiday to Africa!


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Chinelo Obi