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On my blog, I intend to share my personal opinion on all things relating to African culture and heritage including Lifestyle, Events, Entertainment and of course Fashion, as I am passionate about creating a positive narrative and image on how African fashion is viewed on the fashion global stage.

African prints for black history month

 Its Black History month this February in the United States and I’m celebrating with my African American friends and family on our achievements as a race. One pertinent question on my mind is "Does Black Fashion Matter"? What is the relevance of African inspired prints and fashion in the global fashion industry today? What is our collective role in sustaining our fashion?

In my opinion, African (or Black as i choose to call it) inspired fashion matters. Its relevance may not yet be well represented in the fashion industry but we have seen it grow in the last decade with the like of Dior, Stella McCartney and Burberry  featuring the wax prints on their runways recently. I dare say that in this new decade, African inspired fashion has taken centre stage with celebrities like Beyonce, Janet Jacket and Rihanna proudly wearing customised vintage African print pieces for red carpet events.

Since fashion in itself is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression, my dream is to use my creative skill to curate designs that shows the depth and strength of our much loved wax print. Allowing you to display the true characters of our beautiful prints which exudes confidence and happiness in it array of colours. 

Let me know in the comments section, how you intend to be a part of this new decade of African fashion take-over? Are you wearing our African prints and being proud of our heritage. See you soon on my next post. 






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