Despite the progress made by the international women's rights movement over the years, women still face obstacles in getting their voices heard, being seen, and being well represented. In Africa for example, women are still being married off as children or trafficked into forced labour around the world. Both physical and mental abuse is still on the rise, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 1 in every 3 women has been abused by an intimate partner or non-partner and this has risen in the past year.
In a male dominated society like ours, women still suffer everyday despite the strides we have made and these can be seen both in their treatment in the workplace and in their attempts to be in positions of power. Data from October 2019 shows the global participation of women in politics at 24.5% and senior management positions at 29%. Women are still being perceived to be too emotional, more likely to compromise, weak, and underqualified, hence relegating them to softer institutions such as health, education, and welfare.
Although these data are common knowledge, women continue to thrive and attain success and notable achievements in sports, politics, space, business, and above all still make excellent homes.
Women are creative and this enables them succeed in whatever field they go into. Women are warm, loving, nurturing and bring so much fun to our lives. They are supportive, resilient and  ambitious. Regardless of any obstacles, we are defiant and strong to weather the storm both at home and in the workplace, so today and everyday, let keep celebrating and supporting each other breaking all the ceilings and biases we encounter.
Could you ever imagine how the world would be if there were no women? Isn't that worth celebrating? 
Chinelo Obi