Knowing the right way to take care of your new African print outfit may seem daunting as its not your regular everyday buy with typical care instructions but don't worry in this blog, I'll guide you on how to look after your precious purchase to keep the colours looking popping for a long time.

I have been wearing African prints my whole life and have had to look for ways to keep the prints always crisp and sharp. Here are a few easy hacks and tricks to follow once your African outfit arrives in the post. This blog is in three segments and the purpose is to provide you detailed information on each segment, saving you time so you can skip to the section most relevant to your need.

  1. Handwashing your African Print Garment
  2. Using Washing machine or Dry Cleaning 
  3. Ironing your African Attire.  
I always use mild or gentle detergents for my African print clothing. This helps in preserving the vibrancy of the tenderly dyed African print fabric. Its not advisable to use harsh detergents that contain bleaching agents like chlorine which makes the fabric fade out with time. I have seen some blogs advising that you test the colourfastness of your African print clothing so as not to transfer their colours to other clothes, but if you buy authentic 100% cotton African print clothing, there is less chance of the colour running unto other fabrics/clothing. Unfortunately the probability that you can test the colourfastness of your African print clothing before buying is very low ( that is why you should buy your quality African print clothing from us! Our fabrics are authentic and are locally sourced from Africa). 
Also do not soak your African outfits for a long period of time, then gently hand wash and rinse with lukewarm water to remove any residue of the detergent which can weaken the fabric over time. Remember not to squeeze out the water with my hands, simply use a hanger and let your clothing air dry on a cloth line. Also avoid placing it under direct sunlight at the same time then I fasten them with pegs. 
All these measures help preserve the integrity and vibrancy of the colours on my African print clothing. 
From experience,  handwashing your African print clothing is the best way to preserve  and care for them but you may not have the time or strength which is totally fine too. When washing your African print clothing with the washing machine use a cold wash setting. A cold wash is below 20°C and is usually reserved for clothes that are very delicate such as your African print clothing. Cold water helps keep the colours bright and prevents fabric shrinkage which is not good for your African print clothing as it is made from 100% cotton. 
Skip the spin cycle because remember, you do not squeeze your African print clothing. Air dry inside out instead. 
What if you travelled out and your washing machine is not available for you to use? What if you rather not risk damaging your African print clothing and prefer a dry cleaning service? Yes you can use dry cleaning services, just make sure that they have a good reputation and experience in working with this kind of clothing. 
Because my African print clothing is 100% cotton, the cotton setting works best for me and it would for you too. Too much heat will damage the shine of my African print clothing so I turn it inside out before ironing. Also bear in mind that if your dress has embellishments like sequins and stones, you have to be extra careful and turn down the heat because it will burn them or make them fall off. To avoid this place a clean white cotton cloth between the iron and your African print clothing. 
If you took your time to read through this, congratulations! You have gained knowledge or added to the knowledge you already have about preserving and elongating the life span of your African print clothing. 

Now go wear it with pride and peace of mind of course!  and if you're yet to order your African print outfit, here is the easiest way to get started -

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