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Obiageli New in African Print Maxi Dress

Size :

Out of stock

Obiageli is an elegant, sassy and chic style from our SS19 collections. This vibrant multicoloured Ankara cotton print maxi dress is combined in 2 different wax print to give a contemporary chic style in our Ankarastyle. It’s fresh, modern and super stylish and it’s custom made with 100% cotton Ankara fabric. Designed to give elegance and style fitted to the waist to the body. The dress measures 60" in length.

Fit and Style

Product Shape: Maxi Dress

Length: 60"

Fit: Flare fit

Style: Cut out sleeve

No added Stretch 

Pocket: Yes 

Inner Lining: No

Care Instructions 

Recommended for Hand washing and Dry clean only. 



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