Designer dresses have become the usual and accepted choice for black tie events such as a wedding but if you want to defeat this boring norm of designer dresses in 2022 you should go for African wedding dress design for your own or a loved one's wedding. The elegance reflected in the following African wedding dresses shows that it is different from just a casual evening African print dress. 


1. Triple Flare Fitted Gown. 
This African wedding dress is an attention grabber. It is quite dramatic but rightly so. If you are the bride you should consider walking down the aisle in this dress. Make sure your hairstyle is an up do so it doesn't compete with your dress. You can make this African wedding dress with purely African prints or mix it with the western white coloured gown. Either way you are the celebrity at the wedding. 
2. Long Corset dress with a front slit.
This is a hot look. This African wedding  dress is for the bold and sexy. The corset gives you an hour glass figure and if you want to show off your beautiful legs, the front slit will do just that. 
3. Full Peplum Mermaid Dress
Talk about leaving no fashion stone unturned. The dress features a peplum that goes round to the back of the dress, a sweetheart neckline and a mermaid style.
if you want to wear an African wedding dress that is designed in the mermaid style  but concerned about your body type, this is the style for you because the peplum adds femininity to your dress no matter the body type that you represent. 
4.  Ankara Short Fringe Dress.
You can also look stylish in a short African wedding dress. This dress screams sophistication.
The fringe dress has been around for a long time and is a classic. You can add fringes to your dress the way you like. Slanted or horizontal will be just fine. But be careful not to over do it. You can add fringes to the hem of your dress or use them as the sleeve of your one shoulder dress.
5. Embellished V Necked Kaftan Boubou gown. 
This is an African wedding dress for when you are feeling very Afrocentric and royal.
A boubou is an essential African garment that can be found in Senegal, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and other Centre African countries. It is gradually coming back in style and in very creative ways. 
This dress makes you feel like an African princess since it is long and luxurious it gives you a very royal look and feel. It speaks of grace and ease. Wear a headwrap to complete that African royalty vibe the dress already exudes. 
Chinelo Obi