An Ankara blouse is very versatile and easy to style and can be worn with jeans, pants, shorts and skirts. There is no perfect attire for an African summer party than Ankara inspired clothing since it will be all about African music, dance and fashion and you don't want to appear oblivious of your environment. Expect to experience African oriented exhibitions, crafts, story-telling, and culinary specialities. It is a creative and colourful outdoor atmosphere to show off your style and creativity. 
Since summer clothing is often light, airy and bright it is only smart that you go for the following Ankara blouse styles for that African summer party. 
The Ankara fabric gives you a lot of chance to design this Ankara blouse. You can make the peplum to be one or two step layered, one side angled, gathered, or pleated. You can get as creative as you want. Tweak this Ankara blouse anyhow you like to show off your individual style and know what? They will come out looking good. That is the beauty of the Ankara fabric. 
This Ankara wrap blouse is seriously flattering, just like a wrap dress would, this Ankara blouse hugs your upper body all in the right places and exudes a lot of femininity.
Wear a simple thin neck chain with this Ankara blouse to achieve that pulled together look. You can also skip the neck chain if it is not your thing and go for statement earrings rather. 
3. An Ankara Crop blouse
An Ankara Crop blouse is similar to the Ankara wrap blouse. The difference between them is that the crop blouse may not necessarily have the v neck wrap blouses are sure to have.  It can be high necked or low necked. An Ankara crop blouse is a very chic casual outfit for a woman's body and it is usually cut short in a way that reveals a part of the stomach. But not to worry, there are a lot of ways to wear this Ankara blouse if you are concerned about revealing much. Go for high waisted pants, jeans, or skirts. This will make up for the exposed part of your stomach and still leave you feeling very chic. 
This Ankara blouse is for you if you want to be as comfortable as possible and stylish at the same time.
An A-line blouse is fitted from the shoulders to the bust to create the piont of the letter A and widens towards the hem to create the classic triangle shape. This Ankara blouse will go for any body type and leave you feeling comfy at the same time. 
Off shoulders are back in style and will always be for summer because of the airiness it offers for the warm summer weather. 
An Ankara off shoulder blouse is cut out at the shoulders. For some people that feel concerned about the constriction of the arms that comes with off shoulder, the cold shoulder offers ease and style. 
Chinelo Obi