Wearing an Ankara short dress gives you an air of spontaneity, youthfulness and fun. With an Ankara short dress you never feel you are too old or inappropriate because there is a certain desirability it brings to you. If you've got hot legs, or if you workout, run and stay in good shape it would not be eccentric if you decide to show off some legs in this style.


Ankara short dresses are also void of the formality that comes with longer dresses that you wouldn't need when hanging out or enjoying a nights out with the girls. 
A few thoughts on how to wear your Ankara short dress so that it is not just a dress but more of your self expression: 
1. Play with the hemline
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Ankara print helps you achieve whatever look you want, I will advice that you take advantage of this to add asymmetrical hemlines or a high low hemline. This will add a trendy spin to your Ankara short dress. This can also help to cover more areas of your legs if you are conscious of your legs and wouldn't want to show off much. 
2. Pay attention to your feet. 
Ankara Short Dress | African Dress | Ankara Print Dress | African Print Dress
When it comes to wearing an Ankara short dress what you wear on your feet matters a lot. This is because you have an exposed part of your body that will draw attention to itself. Go for comfy flats like sneakers, or a sandal, this will make you feel more at ease and give you the illusion of height. If you love heels, go for smaller heels such as kitten heels as high heels will give your dress the appearance of an even shorter dress. 
3. Choose the right accessories. 
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While an Ankara short dress offers you an air of fun and shinning brilliance, it is one dress that you can go wrong on if you do not wear the right accessories. Opt for simple and traditional accessories if you can find them. For starters, avoid statement jewellery because it brings a certain feel of seriousness which this dress does not advocate.  Bold, obvious and bright coloured jewellery is not for this dress. Go for simple studs or tear drop earrings, a thin chain with a simple pendant and a very thin bracelet also. 
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