It’s funny how African fashion, as fascinating and trendy as it is with its popping colors and complex prints, has continued to play second fiddle to other designs in the western world. 

The African fashion industry has continued to play a crucial role in showcasing cultural identity, creativity and innovation. This is in addition to creating employment and improving economic growth. In recent times, the global demand for African ready-to-wear brands, African designs and clothing made from African prints, has led to a significant boost in sales for some African designers and these factors undoubtedly speak well for the future of the industry.

However, the African fashion industry continues to face major challenges amongst which are; lack of protection for intellectual property, inadequate policies and infrastructures and even lack of skills development. In spite of these, the exceptional level of ingenuity among African designers has helped to develop the African fashion industry to become a major source of employment.

Fashion technology is very much underrated in the African fashion space. Africans have good fashion tastes but do not have access to quality fashion pieces. There is a great need for more African e-commerce fashion platforms like ATMKollectionz that will meet global demands and also give upcoming designers and brands an opportunity to flourish.

Furthermore, the African fashion hub has become a platform for designers to create amazing fashion statements in bold colours and rich prints. Although international recognition is growing, African fashion still has a long way to go before attaining the same level of awareness as international designers. Inadequate investment, both internal and external has not helped the situation as it continues to pose a barrier to the growth of the industry. A well-developed system of angel investors or venture capitalists in the African fashion industry indeed will spike growth. Investment in the creation of more fashion schools and funding fashion students are few out of the many ways investments can make the industry more prominent globally.

If the African government gives the African industry adequate support, the possibilities would be almost endless. Favorable government policies can help foster growth by implementing government funding for students in fashion to start their fashion line, and also to travel to fashion shows to exhibit their collections.

However, it's worthy of note that despite the successes and failures of the African industry, it continues to make its mark everywhere in the world.