Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and you’re like WTF. Having a wardrobe full of clothes that are no longer your size, out of style/trend or just too many clothes can cause anxiety and unhappiness. So, getting rid of unwanted/unused/excess stuff especially clothing from your wardrobe benefits your mental health by making you feel happier, calmer and more in control.; a tidier space they say makes for a relaxed mind.

This New Year is the perfect time to recalibrate and declutter your wardrobe to make space for outfits that serve you. Only keeping functional, timeless and comfortable clothes that compliment each other. But before we dive into how to declutter your wardrobe to make more space, its important to go through these questions:

  • Know your WHY: Are you keeping some clothes for sentimental values or because you will wear them again. I remember when I gave up my wedding dress just one week after my wedding and my best friend was confused as to why I’m not saving it for my future daughter. I was like no way will I keep a dress for 20 years just for sentiments.
  • How many outfits do you really need for each season?
  • Will you actually ever wear that dress again?
  • Are you still the size you were 5 years ago when you purchased that skirt?
  • Do you have much deeper unanswered questions about why you're keeping certain clothing (hoarding)?


Once you have established your WHY and NEED, here are some tips to get you started

Start Small: Pick one wardrobe or drawer at a time to organise. The feeling of seeing one wardrobe/drawer sorted can be very gratifying and would encourage you to do more.

Build a Structure or Sorting System: Divide your wardrobe into Winter and Summer clothes. Then sort into categories: Workwear, Gym clothes, Occasion/evening wear. I usually colour coordinate as well so my wardrobe looks tidy all the time.

Elimination Process: Be honest about clothes that don’t fit anymore or that you haven’t worn in a long time. For each item, ask yourself Do I love it? Do I wear it? Do I need it? Then decide what do you want to do with your unwanted clothes: donate to charity, sell them on eBay, gift to friends/family. This will give you the feeling of giving which can be rewarding as well.

Don’t get overwhelmed: Decluttering should be fun so give yourself grace and allow time to sort through your clothes.

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