CUMO London is an African Fashion and Lifestyle brand curating high quality Contemporary Ready to Wear African Clothing and Accessories using African Ankara/Wax Print. We are UK based and offer handmade quality products to our customers who wish to explore and experience the Afro-culture. We want to ensure that our customers are able to express themselves in ethnic fashion and imbibe it as a lifestyle. Our brand was born out of my love for celebrating my Nigerian heritage and culture through fashion. I have always loved to wear the African prints and wanted a platform to share this love and happiness. My ambition is to bring stylish and trendy African Prints through my designs and styles embracing all the vibrant patterns and colours of the Ankara fabric and also working with other textures. 

From the Head wraps (Turbans) an historic tradition for Afro_American which has cut across all gender and tribe and reinvented itself in both the fashion and music industry to the custom designed ready to wear styles. Come join the African experience redefining your style through our textiles and love for colours. We promise to deliver quality and unique pieces providing good value for your money.