The Kimono, a traditional garment originally from Japan, is a long robe that goes down to the ankles with wide sweeping sleeves and (often with) a belt. The correct way to wear the kimono is; wrapped around the body, belted across the waist, with the left flap of the garment always over the right one. 

African fashion designers (as well as other designers) all over the world, have quickly picked up on the kimono trend, making colorful Japanese inspired kimonos by combining different kinds of African prints and embellishments.

***Fun fact: Did you know that the word 'Kimono' literally means; 'A thing to wear'! Us neither. But now we know right?


Kimonos are unbelievably comfortable and most robes that are comfortable have a similar style, so it’s not surprising that the arrival of the kimono trend has made fashionistas all over the world very happy. In addition to comfort, a large amount of fabric options makes it possible to have a variety of African print kimono designs.

For example, our Adaku double-sided waterfall jacket is a beautiful kimono that takes this simple garment to another level. It can be worn over other lighter clothing to enhance your comfort and/or style, whether you are at work, or at a party.

Though the waterfall (and our other) Kimonos are designed to be worn loose for comfort and relaxation, you can choose to emphasize your waist by cinching it tightly with a belt. The versatility and adaptability of the African (Ankara) fabric will make the garment mold beautifully around your body and the characteristic V-neckline will stretch down noticeably, making you look slimmer.


Kimonos, however, do not always have to be long in style. Choose the length that best emphasizes the positive sides of your figure. For example, a mid-length kimono reaching the thigh or just below the knee perfectly complements many shapes. Kimonos can also come in a set, complete with pants like our Olanma chain print kimono and pants set, a beautiful multipurpose and versatile kimono set, that you can bet will be a trend for a long time.

So now that you know all about the kimono and its versatility and style, why not go ahead and bag yourself a couple in different colors, lengths, and designs.

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