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Kente African Print Head wrap - Nana

Color :

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Kente prints are the traditional culture print indigenous to Ghana in West African. Everyone deserves to own a Kente print and we love this representation on one of our vibrant African print head wraps. Are you looking to spice up your look with some Afro-inspired headscarf or headgear, then our fabulous selection of African Print Headwraps made with 100% cotton wax are just for you. Discover our vibrant and colourful selection of Ankara wax prints that can be wrapped easily to any style for any occasion or season.

Spice up that ethnic style or simply protect your hair with these beautiful headgear pieces. 

Product Detail

  • Material: Cotton
  • size: around 72"x22"
  • Color: appears on both side
  • Recommended for hand wash with cold or lukewarm water

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