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Double Sequin Velvet Turban Chemocap - Lola

Color :
Royal blue

4 In Stock

Handmade Velvet Turbans designed with sequin for that added glitz are a season's must-have for every woman's wardrobe. Beautifully crafted and custom made with soft velvet print and sure give elegance and class to any outfit (either dressed down and for any occasion). The velvet fabric is soft on the head and perfect for day to day use. All Hand wrap scarfs come in one size. These head wrap are so easy to wear and wrap

Product Specification

  • Fabric : Velvet
  • Texture : Soft
  • Handle : Double or Large
  • Fit : One size fit all
  • Style : Cap with Sequin Handles to Wrap round
  • Colour : As seen in the picture

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